YAWE Brass band participated in the celebrating 2016 Primary Leaving Examination results victory organised by the District woman Member of Parliament Hon. Josephine Babungi,who also doubled as the sponsor on 12/2/2017. The function started at 10:00am with triumphant march though Bundibugyo town and later anthems led by the band respectively. It is believed that Bundibugyo District for the first time managed to score 500 1st grades which was so encouraging. Present at the function were the RDC District chairperson and all politicians and technocrats religious leaders schools cultural dance groups and many others. The organizers appreciated YAWE Foundation's intervention with vibrant brass band.


Reported by: Nicholas Muganzi


YAWE Foundation Commemorates Wold AIDS DAY 2020

Every year on 1st December the world commemorates World AIDS day. People around the world unite to show support for people living with and affected by HIV and remember those who lost their lives to AIDS. This year world’s theme was Global solidarity, shared responsibility. This requires us to view global responses in a new way of coming together. A moment of bold leadership for equal societies and right to health.

YAWE foundation and KUSA commemorated world AIDS day under the theme "No one is safe until everyone is safe". Leaving people behind is not an option if we are to succeed but putting people at the center is the way to go. The youths and YAWE staff members joined hands to do activities of town cleaning and candle light.

There was also official launch of YAWE ART clinic on 2nd December with the goal of improving the quality of life of the HIV infected, reduce HIV related morbidity and mortality  and restore the clients immune function through maximal suppression of viral replication.

As part of commemorating World AIDS Day YAWE Foundation team conducted general cleaning in Fort Portal Tourism City to promote  safe and clean environment in our city.

Cleaning of Fort Portal Tourism City
YAWE Youth and Staff cleans Fort Portal Tourism City as a way of promoting hygiene and sanitation in the new city.

On 1st of December world AIDS day we started with town cleaning activity whereby we mobilized the youths who started coming one by one. There was official registration of all members as they had their breakfast. Later on they were given Tshirts and matched to town for cleaning activity. We did this in corporation with the office of the RDC, town clerk and health Inspector who gave us the garbage collection truck. The youths joined by YAWE staff members cleaned the town as well as spreading messages of prevention.

Later that afternoon we had another special activity of candle light. Candlelight is a day of raising awareness and expressing solidarity with people living and affected by HIV and remembering those who have lost their lives due to AIDS related illnesses. On that day we gathered at Knowledge room in old taxi park where we had ecumenical prayer and speeches aiming at ensuring that HIV stays firmly on the social and political agenda and that HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services are available to them. This ceremony also provided an opportunity to challenge stigma and encourage activism and community dialogue while high lightening the need to safe guard the advances that have been made in stemming the epidemic and to make greater progress in the future. They were also testimonies in empowering those who are living with HIV.

Candle light memorial event
Candle light memorial event

On 2nd December we had another special important ceremony of "Official launch of YAWE ART clinic" which was accredited by government early this year in February. This aims at improving the quality of life of the HIV infected, reduce HIV related morbidity and mortality and restore the clients immune function through maximal suppression of viral replication. It also provides YAWE with a greater advantage to make drug orders right from the National Medical Stores unlike in the past when we have been affiliated to Kagote. It will also give big opportunities to the youths to start accessing their treatment from our facility since we are now very sure of the constant supplies. The function was presided over by Hon. Alex Ruhunda who was the chief guest and promised his full support to work with YAWE foundation in various areas aiming at strengthening development through economic growth. Other guests were District HIV focal person, ReverandTembo, LC 1 chairperson of Rwengoma among others. On the same day we celebrated Hon. Alex Ruhunda birth day by slicing a cake which was made from our YAWE bakery.


There was effective mobilization of appropriate number of participants who all turned for the functions.

There was team work which made the functions run smoothly by equal participation of every member.

There was proper planning and implementation of every tasks involved which saw many people taking appropriate responsibilities which were carried out successfully.

Thanks to the partners, invited guests, youth and YAWE Foundation staff for the great work done. Together we can make the "WORLD" a better place.

Launch of YAWE ART Clinic
Launch of YAWE ART Clinic