Community Hygiene and Sanitation Program

YAWE Staff Handing over of a fully installed 10,000 liters water tank to Butebe Primary School Administration and Management Committee

The overall purpose of hygiene and sanitation program is to improve hygiene behaviors and encouraging effective community management of sanitation and water sources to reduce diseases like diarrheal disease, typhoid, malaria etc. Our approach is to empower the community to manage and improve its own hygiene and sanitation needs through making proper decisions on maintenance of good hygiene practices management of water sources. We believe that once the communities are awareness of their water, sanitation and hygiene situation, they are empowered to develop and carry out their own plans to improve and maintain them.

Water hygiene and sanitation activities

  • Creating awareness on hygiene and sanitation behaviors

  • Supporting communities to establish their own water management committees to promote proper management of water sources and respond to the community hygiene and sanitation needs.

  • Support the community to have access to reliable water sources and good sanitation

  • Supporting community to establish mechanisms to practice and maintain good hygiene and sanitation behaviors

  • To monitor support community water management committees and school hygiene and sanitation clubs.

oinjbYAWE Staff meeting members of Hygiene and sanitation club in Kiguma Primary School.

YAWE Trainer Matama Rosette (left) from Elon Water Engineering and construction Ltd. facilitating a training for water management committee at Kiguma Catholic Church

Previous Hygiene and sanitation projects

Promoting Hygiene and sanitation and management of water sources: The project was implemented in 5 institutions in Karambi and Bukuuku Sub counties, namely Kahinju Primary School, Butebe Primary School and YAWE Foundation Youth Centre in Karambi Sub County; Kiguma Catholic Church and Kiguma Primary School in Bukuuku Sub County.

The overall objective of the project was to enhance the quality of life in the community members in the target area in Kabarole District through improved access to clean water; improve sanitation and hygiene knowledge,practices and attitudes; and reducing breakdown and damages of the water system at least by 50%. To realize the above objective the following activities were done; community sensitization workshop, meetings with the school management committees, formation of water committees in primary schools, Kiguma Catholic Church community, and formation of hygiene and sanitation clubs in schools that benefited.

Members of the hygiene and sanitation clubs were trained in hygiene and sanitation practices to support teachers and guiding their fellow pupils in promoting hygiene and sanitation and maintenance of the water sources.The project activities involved purchase and installation of three 10,000 litres plastic tanks and their accessories like gutters and wash pipes. The tanks were placed as follows; Butebe primary school, Kiguma Catholic Church and YAWE Foundation youth centre. Repairs of the existing water tanks and fitting of new gutters and construction of man halls to protect water taps were done at Kahinju and Kiguma primary schools.

The project was successfully achieved the following results.

  1. 10,000 litres plastic water tank with its accessories was installed at each of the following institutions; Kiguma Catholic Church, YAWE Foundation youth centre, and Butebe primary school.
  2. Repaired existing water tanks, fitted gutters and constructed man hall to protect the water taps at Kahinju, and Kiguma primary schools.

  3. Established water management committees in the target institutions to ensure proper water usage and maintenance.

  4. Established hygiene and sanitation clubs in Kahinju, Butebe and Kiguma primary schools to promote hygiene and sanitation practices among pupils and overseeing water usage and maintenance.

  5. Increased access to safe water in the five institutions

  6. Reduced water expenditure (monthly water bills from National water and sewerage cooperation), especially for YAWE Foundation youth centre,

  7. Increased knowledge on hygiene and sanitation among the target beneficiaries.

oikjnParticipants mapping contamination cycle during training

Hygiene and Sanitation Music Dance and Drama Festival 2015

Hygiene and sanitatuon music dance and drama festival 2015 was aimed at increasing good hygiene and sanitation knowledge and practices in schools and communities. Kahinju, Butebe and Kiguma primary schools. The overall winner for 2015 festival was Kahinju P/S. A lot of prizes were given to schools and individual participants, which included a trophy, foot and net balls, scholastic materials etc.

Pupils of Kiguma P/S presents a play/skit during Hygiene and sanitation music dance and drama festival 2015 held 20th Nov 2015 at YAWE Youth Centre

Pupils of Kahinju Primary School Presents during the competition