To create improved standards of living among the community through social support and income generating projects for sustainable socio-economic development where unity and solidarity amongst communities allow the advancement to improved livelihoods.

Aims and objectives

  • To organize and mobilize the youth and women under one forum, offering them a platform of┬áco-operation.
  • To promote HIV care, treatment and prevention campaigns
  • To advocate for the Human Rights of marginalized groups; youth, women and those living with HIV
  • To Promote adolescents reproductive health services
  • To promote poverty eradication strategies through development of skills, talent and resource mobilization.
  • To promote vocational skills among the youth
  • To enhance proper community management of natural resources (environmental protection) water and sanitation programs.
  • To facilitate links between groups and development partners, NGOs, and government for sharing of information, experiences and resources.
  • To take other appropriate measures in furtherance of the above objectives.